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Let God’s promises shine on your problems.

— Corrie ten Boom

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  • God reveals Himself and His ways to those who are surrendered to Him in every area of their lives. — @craigvonbuseck, Seven Keys to Hearing God’s Voice

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  • “If we want New Testament results, we need to use New Testament methods—and the most important thing we can do is to become sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit.” @craigvonbuseck, Seven Keys to Hearing God’s Voice

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  • #QuoteOfTheDay “The aim of interpretation [of Scriptures] is not uniqueness—you are not trying to discover what no one else has ever seen. You are striving to apply God’s eternal truth to your life.” — Craig Von Buseck, Seven Keys to Hearing God’s Voice

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  • #PinoyNewTestamentVerseOfTheDay “Sobrang mahal ng Diyos ang mga tao sa buong mundo kaya binigay nya ang kaisa-isang nyang Anak, para hindi mapahamak ang lahat ng naniniwala sa kanya, kundi magkaroon sila ng buhay na walang hanggan.” www.jacobsfountain.com
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