Psalms 107:43 (NLT), “Those who are wise will take all this to heart;
they will see in our history the faithful love of the Lord.”

Psalm 107 was written to be read by those who chooses to believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The psalm is a testament of God’s unfailing love to those who believe in His name. Going through the sections of this chapter gives us an insight to the depth and height and length of God’s love for us.
Vv. 1-3 shows how God encourages those He has redeemed from their enemies to tell everyone the good news of what He ha done. God is faithful, and it endures forever.

Vv. 4-9 tells of those who God loves but has wandered off and forgot Him. But in their time of lack, God causes those who are precious to Him to remember Him and as they call to Him for provision, He comes upon them and brings them to a place where they would not lack.

Vv. 10-16 declares how God rescues those who are in prison and bondage whether physically or spiritually. They were imprisoned because they chose to not follow God’s command and rebelled. Aren’t we all rebels? Didn’t we choose are own paths rather than the way God wants us to go?

God’s will for us is to depend on Him but in our stubbornness, we choose our own. But God loves us so much that He chose to inflict us for a while but then deliver us when go back to Him, confessing our sins and declaring our complete dependence on Him alone.

Vv. 17-22 reminds us not to be fools and to not easily give in to temptations and cause our bodies to degrade due to wanton living. We should not allow the pleasures that this world gives that causes sickness and disease to overtake us. We only need to call on God and tell Him that we have sinned and He will come to our rescue and He will deliver us from our troubles.

Vv. 23-32 shares how God blesses His chosen people who are away from families and loved ones and the protection given by their native land. God shows them mighty acts of salvation given only to those who trusts in His mighty name. Supernatural acts that He alone can do but also gentle enough to safely guide us into refuge.

Vv. 33-38 reveals how God changes the order of those He established for the sake of those He loves. Rivers into deserts, springs into dry and thirsty lands, fruitful lands into wasteland. For the sake of the hungry God also turns deserts into pools of water, dry lands into springs and He gives fruitful lands to plans harvest for those He blesses. It makes us wonder how God has blessed Israel so much that He can turn  a small patch of land into the Promised Land.

Lastly, vv. 39-42 testifies how God is our defender from oppression and adversity, especially to those He has blessed and given His promise. He is our blesser and protector. Everything He gives is a blessing and He will protect the gifts that He gives us.

The last verse is a monument to what has God to His chosen people Israel and the potential of what He can do to our lives when we put our trust–and our lives–in Him. God’s love does endure forever and His mercies never end.