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Deadly Money Behaviors

By Randell Tiongson When dealing with money issues, one must always be aware of deadly behaviors that will cause financial havoc. I call them the three dangerous money attitudes: greed, fear, and ignorance. Greed has been man’s downfall since time immemorial. When it comes to our finances, greed clouds our judgment. And in many cases, it can even make us compromise our values. In investing, greed makes one too optimistic on possible returns based on some experience or even the potential of remarkable growth. While the principle of risk and return always dictates the performance of one’s investment, greed will...

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By Dr. Harold Sala The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender. Proverbs 22:7 Everyone admired his vast library. He had nearly 10,000 volumes. The man lived on a tiny pension.  Then an enterprising librarian tried to trace down a book that had not been returned.  In the house there were “books everywhere,” she said.  She found the missing library book and also found an unbelievable number of other books which had been borrowed without permission from various public and private libraries and bookstores.  The librarian got her book all right, and five trucks...

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By Yay Padua-Olmedo Intexticated. Anyone been diagnosed as such? I hope you’re not one of them―perpetually romancing your smart phone, turning catatonic once the gadget slips from your grasp. Some say it’s a social malady, just like alcohol addiction; so is it possible that some enterprising folks may already have rehab centers for the intexticated? “Intexicated” refers to someone who is distracted by texting or composing an email on a handheld device while walking or driving, thus unaware of his surroundings. So serious is this epidemic that the Automotive Club (AAA) of  Southern California has, in its recently launched...

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Love Yourself First

By Bettinna Carlos This is one “note to self” that I have always believed in. And it is very liberating to hear it from church. I was affirmed this last weekend through the preaching of Christian apologist and author, Josh McDowell. “I cannot give what I don’t have” —this is how my heart was prior to coming to Jesus. In July of 2011 when I first entered CCF, I was searching for what seemed like the last resort to fixing my relationship with the father of my child, and at the same time, seeking wisdom on how to raise...

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Reincarnation and Second Chances

By Dr. Harold Sala I tell you, now is the time of God’s favor, now is the day of salvation. 2 Corinthians 6:2 Reincarnation has been defined as “the transmigration of the soul,” and, according to the teaching of some eastern religions, you may have had a previous existence in a lower form of life, and as the result of your personal goodness, you move up the ladder in each successive rebirth towards heaven. Does Christianity embrace reincarnation? And if not, why not? In answering that question, may I remind you that there is a great deal of difference...

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