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4 Things Leaders do in Difficult Times

By Jim Reyes Amy Carmichael tells of visiting a goldsmith in an Indian village where the goldsmith would repeatedly put a small vessel containing gold over a fire, then removed it to take off the dirt, and put it back over the fire. “How do you know when it is finished?” a bystander asked the smith. “Ah,” he said, “when I see the reflection of my face in the gold, I know it is done.” As leaders, God constantly places us under His fire. He does this so that he can take away all the dirt and imperfections. He...

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Safeguarding Friendship

By Dr. Harold Sala But test everything; hold fast what is good.   Abstain from every form of evil. 1 Thessalonians 5:21-22 Is there such a thing as a platonic friendship—one without sexual motivation?  Can you just be friends with a person of the opposite sex and put the whole gender issue aside?  Those who can, enrich their lives by having a much wider diversity of friends than those who are only friends with a small number of individuals of the same sex. How do you keep friendships from becoming more than that?  If you question whether a friendship is...

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Better Than Jewels by Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio Book Review

By Edwin D. Arceo When I heard that Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio was launching her first book, Better Than Jewels, I was curious at what it would say. When I learned that it was going to be a weekly devotional, I assumed that it was going to be something written for women. Was I terribly wrong. Once I had a review copy courtesy of the publisher, OMF Literature, I quickly found out that even men can (and will) learn a thing or two from Rica’s book. Better Than Jewels is written squarely to those who wants to have a deeper and...

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How to Begin Building Your Financial Future

By Randell Tiongson A lot of our issues with regards to money are behavioral in nature. Reading a  ‘how to’ finance book or even attending a seminar is never a guarantee that it will put you on a path toward financial freedom. It always starts with a decision and that decision is done on a daily basis. When it comes to building wealth, you need to build a strong foundation on money management—that is the first step and the most important one you will need to take to build your financial future. The next step is to get over...

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A Friend at All Times

By Dr. Harold Sala Though my father and mother forsake me, the LORD will receive me. Psalm 27:10 Truth is always stranger than fiction.  Take, for example, the strange friendship of two young men who should have been bitter enemies.  Instead, they became the closest of friends. One was raised in the palace of a king and knew the luxuries which are associated with that social status.  The other was an uneducated youth who rose from obscurity and threatened to usurp the throne.  Their names:  David and Jonathan. You can read about them in the Old Testament book of...

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