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Your Sins Are Forgiven

Such powerful words! These words are found in Luke 7:48. These words give life and freedom. Jesus spoke these words to a “sinful” woman. It was even made crystal clear by the Pharisee who invited Jesus into his house for dinner. This woman who was able to enter the Pharisee’s house with Jesus, knelt at his feet and as her tears fell on Jesus’s feet wiped them with her hair. She effectively washed Jesus’s feet with her tears! This must be the feeling when you sincerely recognize that you are a sinner and only Jesus can take them away. When you are in the presence of God you can only mourn your sins and ask God for deliverance. Not only did the woman washed Jesus’s feet, she also put perfume while continually kissing his feet. What humility! You can only do this if you know deep in your heart that only Jesus can take away your awful burden. “Your sins are forgiven.” This woman’s sins were many, probably shocking and nasty, and when she experienced the grace of God, she can only come with complete reverence and humility. She did what was described in this passage because those were the only way she can show her love for Jesus. The woman gave him her most precious possession and she did not regret but even cherished it–she was ministering to...

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Let Us Stand with Israel

On September 20, the Palestinian Authority will submit its bid at the United Nations General Assembly to establish a Palestinian State inside the nation of Israel, within the lands retaken by the Jews after the Six-Day War of 1967. These lands are the very spiritual heart of Israel: East Jerusalem, site of the Holy Temple, Western Wall, Mount of Olives, Via Dolorosa, Calvary, Gethsemane and other sites held sacred by Jews and Christians all over the world. East Jerusalem is being eyed as the capital of a Palestinian State populated mostly by Muslims who reject the Bible as the...

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Confident People Sing!

People who are confident in God that is. When your confidence is in God you feel content, secure, blessed, protected, happy and all to ready too belt out a tune. Psalm 108:1 says, ” My heart is confident in you , O God; no wonder I can sing your praises with all my heart!” Honestly, I am not like the author of this Psalm. I may have sung a few songs in my times of challenges and difficulties but my interpretation of this verse connotes a regular occurrence in the author’s life. This leads me to the question, “If I am sad, lonely, depressed, angry, envious or sick, will I still sing the praises of God?” I know that I have used singing to chase away the devil and to keep my heart up when I feel oppressed. This does not happen regularly. But I should! The act of singing, especially singing the praises of God, is a display of our trust in Him. This is an act that says, “I believe that God will never leave me nor forsake me. I believe that even if I lack today God will always supply all my needs according to His riches and glory in Christ Jesus. I believe that in times of sicknesses, God will be my healer.” How about you? Are you able to sing the praises of God...

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A Legacy for all Generation

Psalms 107:43 (NLT), “Those who are wise will take all this to heart; they will see in our history the faithful love of the Lord.” Psalm 107 was written to be read by those who chooses to believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The psalm is a testament of God’s unfailing love to those who believe in His name. Going through the sections of this chapter gives us an insight to the depth and height and length of God’s love for us. Vv. 1-3 shows how God encourages those He has redeemed from their enemies to tell everyone the good news of what He ha done. God is faithful, and it endures forever. Vv. 4-9 tells of those who God loves but has wandered off and forgot Him. But in their time of lack, God causes those who are precious to Him to remember Him and as they call to Him for provision, He comes upon them and brings them to a place where they would not lack. Vv. 10-16 declares how God rescues those who are in prison and bondage whether physically or spiritually. They were imprisoned because they chose to not follow God’s command and rebelled. Aren’t we all rebels? Didn’t we choose are own paths rather than the way God wants us to go? God’s will for us is to depend on Him...

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Are You Afraid of the End Times?

For me, the answer is both a yes and a no. YES, because no one is really sure of what will happen in the future. Hollywood has got us all fearful of what will happen tomorrow, think, 2012, The Day After Tomorrow, The Core, The Day the Earth Stood Still, War of the Worlds, Monsters and Aliens, Independence Day and a whole lot more. I admit, the movie 2012 got into me. It was just so realistically presented. Thank special effects for that. I think a lot of people, whether they admit it or not, are wondering what will REALLY...

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