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Everyday that we wake up is a magnificent blessing from the LORD. It is a blessing that is to be treasured. Think about this. God could have chosen to take you away, from your loved ones, from your possessions, from your career. Instead, HE gave you, and me, life. That is why when we wake up, we need to have a sincere appreciation of God’s daily gift for us. God holds our lives. When HE allows us to live another day, it is because HE has a purpose for us. As I’ve heard this morning at church, we were made for God’s enjoyment. GOD made us to worship HIM. I believe that. How about you? If every time you wake up, and seem to drag yourself away from your bed, you do not show appreciation for the life God has given you. Your life is too important to God for you to just drag yourself from bed. We should face each day not with gloom and doom but with joy and thanksgiving, knowing fully well that you are given another opportunity to glorify and worship God. The bible says it like this: “So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” 1 Cor. 10:31. And it happens everyday. Whether you eat or drink the scriptures say. Life is a precious...

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We Are All Prodigal Sons and Daughters

I was reading today the parables of the lost sheep, the lost coin and the prodigal son in Luke 15. It is such a comfort for all of us who are sinful by nature. It is just now that I have realized how much these parables, especially of the prodigal son, show God’s great love for us. I believe that when Jesus told this story, He was actually feeling the love for those who He was referring to–tax collectors, adulterers and thieves. In all reality, if we were in the shoes (or sandals in this instance) of the “righteous”...

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The Ups and Downs of Work

You know how it is. In the course of our work, we inevitably encounter discouragement, demoralization, burn-out. We miss deadlines, sleep, food, all because we want to do good work, but sometimes, good is not good enough. A lot of times work would always be a high-adrenalined activity for many of us. High adrenaline may be in the form of a new aspect of your work and you try to learn the ropes. A new account. A new set of people to work with. They could also be the honor and commendation that you reap for a job well done. But we all know too well that this is not always the case with “work”. It has its ups and downs. For some of us the “downs” may be a lot more than the “ups”. You then come to a state where you justify your existence in said work. Should you have been there in the first place? You know you are. But the downs sometimes weighs so  much that we forget the ups that God allows us to experience. 1 Corinthians 15:58 encourages you with these words, “So, my dear brother and sisters, be strong and immovable. Always work enthusiastically for the Lord, for you know that nothing you do for the Lord is ever useless.” This version came from the New Living Translation. Whenever we are in...

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The Book of Luke

Reading the book of Luke with an expectation of what God will give is a blessing. I just truly understood what I learned in Bible school about how this book was written to show the servanthood of Jesus. How He came to serve and not to be served. How He had so much compassion for those who are in bondage of sin and sickness. The 8th chapter of Luke is one such example of Jesus’s love for us. There is the one part  when He healed a demon-possessed man starting in verse 26.Or the woman who was bleeding continuously for 12-years, who touched Him by faith starting in verse 40 and afterwards the healing of the daughter of the synagogue ruler, Jairus. In this chapter alone, Jesus showed utmost compassion for the sake of others. Another unexpected attitude from Jesus is when He made a discourse on loving your enemies that can be found starting in Luke 6:27. Jesus even emphasized this twice in the same chapter. Its hard to do but Jesus shows us that we can do it–loving our enemies–and it is not impossible. Jesus loves us so much that He had to come to this earth in a fragile form to direct us to His Father in heaven. He showed abounding love for everyone, high or low, and had compassion to everyone. Jesus loves you and...

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My Office Back-up Strategy

I shoot a lot of photos for our office. I cover most of our events, video shoots, stills for our TV specials, and location and studio portraits. Although most of these photos are used on a one-time basis like for our website, or our newsletters, I still need to keep them for our file and reference. Our organization is a Family of Ministries. It is like a holding company. We have sister organizations that I also shoot for, Operation Blessing Foundation, our humanitarian arm ( and Asian Center for Missions, our missionary training arm ( shoot for all of them too! My backup solution is almost like the same that I have for my personal backup. As you will see in the photo. I have five external hard drives with their respective labels. Yes two of them dont have labels but I’m just getting to stick them. I just keep forgetting. 😎 Anyway, the top drive is a 1Tb Seagate where I store almost all of the images I shot for CBN Asia. The second drive is a 400Gb Seagate for my Macbook Pro’s Time Machine backup. When I get to the office this is the external HD that is quickly connected to the laptop and backs it up every hour as long as it is connected. The third one is a separate 250Gb Seagate used to store...

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