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The Ups and Downs of Work

You know how it is. In the course of our work, we inevitably encounter discouragement, demoralization, burn-out. We miss deadlines, sleep, food, all because we want to do good work, but sometimes, good is not good enough. A lot...

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The Book of Luke

Reading the book of Luke with an expectation of what God will give is a blessing. I just truly understood what I learned in Bible school about how this book was written to show the servanthood of Jesus. How He came to serve and...

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My Office Back-up Strategy

I shoot a lot of photos for our office. I cover most of our events, video shoots, stills for our TV specials, and location and studio portraits. Although most of these photos are used on a one-time basis like for our website,...

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The Blessing of Coming and Going

In Genesis 47 verses 7 and 10, I noticed this act of Jacob when he came for a courtesy visit to Pharaoh immediately after arriving in Egypt. ┬áThis is how it was said in the New Living Translation: v. 7, “Then Joseph...

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