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God and Money

This morning, I was just supposed to observe and support some of my colleagues who were holding an event with Unleash International ( and I was unwittingly pulled into the seminar by a friend...

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Does God Listen to Our Prayers?

Of course He does! God listens to every prayer that we lift up to Him. If we mean “listen” means God answered is a different thing. Read what Psalms 66:18-20 has to say, “If I had not confessed the sin in my...

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Are You Looking for God?

Then stop, you may be having a “trust issue.” God is not lost. He can easily be found. To find Him, you have to know Him. Its that easy. He is actually the one looking for you, you just don’t realize it. If you...

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Getting What You Want

We all want something right? Probably a new car, your own house, that new gadget on the store shelf. It can be as small as a set of tumblers of a popular softdrink being sold with a meal. Big or small, we all want something. The...

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  • #QuoteOfTheDay “Faith in Jesus is the only weapon against fear.” — Ptr. Joey Umali, #UnlimitedRice

Unlimited Rice, Everyday Food for the Soul is available in bookstores and at the online store of  @csmpublishing in #Lazada
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  • #QuoteOfTheDay “Crises offer opportunities for us to experience the love of others and prove the power of God.” — Ptr. Joey Umali, #UnlimitedRice

God bless you @csmpublishing for making this inspirational book!
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  • A relationship with Jesus does not excempt us from experiencing [such] storms. 
Jesus Himself was in the boat...
  • #QuoteOfTheDay “To one who believes, the saying, “To see is to believe,” is untrue. It is because to the one who has faith,
to believe is to see.”— Ptr. Joey Umali, #UnlimitedRice #devotional

Acknowledgements to @csmpublishing for the review copy. 😊
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