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Jerusalem is God’s Resting Place

…on earth that is. its pretty clear from these passages from Psalms 132:13-14, “For the Lord has chosen Jerusalem;┬áhe has desired it for his home.┬áThis is my resting place forever, he said.I will live here, for this...

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In Joshua 4, the LORD commanded Joshua to call up 12 men, one for each tribe of Israel to pick up...

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BOOK REVIEW: The Last Days

Written by New York Times bestseller, Joel Rosenberg, The Last Days is the second in the series that started with The Last Jihad. This second book is a continuation of the first book, starting a few months after the culminating...

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Your Sins Are Forgiven

Such powerful words! These words are found in Luke 7:48. These words give life and freedom. Jesus spoke these words to a “sinful” woman. It was even made crystal clear by the Pharisee who invited Jesus into his house...

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