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Mula sa Puso 4/17/17 Podcast: The Ultimate Forgiveness Luisa Ampil-Collopy Born and raised in the Philippines, Luisa joined Guidelines 18 years ago, after a successful career in luxury hotel management. As Dr. Sala’s right hand, Luisa proved to be a multi-tasking marvel! Today Luisa coordinates Guidelines’ ministry in the Philippines and manages all broadcast media. As Guidelines’ programs are broadcast in an increasing number of languages, Luisa’s responsibility for coordinating all radio translation,production, distribution and relationships has grown! She also translates, voices and produces Darlene Sala’s Encouraging Words commentary in Taglish. Luisa is the author of two books: What Women Can Do When Life Falls...

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Waking Up to New Life in Christ

A Teaching by Gordon Robertson The Jewish calendar has a period of time called Teshuvah, meaning “to turn,” in the last month of the year, Elul, which means “search.” The purpose is for people to turn to God and search their hearts in preparation for the Day of Atonement, when they ask themselves, “Am I ready to die?” This is reflected in their clothing for the day. Every married Jewish male wears a kittel, a white linen robe that eventually serves as their burial shroud. The robe has no pockets, symbolizing that nothing can be taken along on that...

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The Only Solid Foundation

By Dr. Harold Sala The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God stands forever.  Isaiah 40:8 As I sat at my kitchen table early one recent morning, I found my youngest son’s Bible there.  I opened it and read the inscription on the dedication page. The study Bible was a gift from my dad to his grandson and Isaiah 40:8 was written, under his name, in his scrawly handwriting: “The word of our God endures forever.”  And I thought to myself, “that’s the legacy I received from my father… that he’s now imparting to...

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The 700 Club Asia Presents: SAIS-KATORSE, The Aubrey Juanta Story Holy Week Presentation

No matter how lost and broken your life may seem to be, God still sees you as a precious jewel. This is what Aubrey Juanta realized in her life. Children are supposed to play and have fun but such is not the case in Aubrey’s life. At the early age of six, Aubrey’s innocence was jaded with sexual abuse from her own father. Growing up without experiencing evident love from her family and a childhood marred by the curse of incest, Aubrey’s life became a series of empty relationships. She tried to escape her dark past by trying to...

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Jodi Sta. Maria Ran Away from Home Due to Shame and Guilt

Kapamilya actress Jodi Sta. Maria ran away from home out of guilt and shame as she blamed herself for the tragic event that happened to her family. Watch the rest of the story as CBN Asia presents In my Father’s Arms, at ABS-CBN on Good Friday, April 14 at 5pm for the Holy Week Specials. Jodi portrays the character of Nikki Villegas, a woman who ran away from home as she blames herself for the death of her father because of her selfishness and disobedience. Nikki grew up with a loving family and had very close ties to her father...

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