Jesus may not have actually been born this month of December, but the Spirit that prevails during this time of the year would definitely lead a lot to His kingdom.

A great many people, unfortunate and otherwise, expect this month to be a time that blessings overflow, literally and figuratively. Why not make it a reality? Its not the date that counts, its the truth that Christ came into this sinful world and gave Himself up for our sins. As commercial Christmas has become, we can alway go back to its true meaning–cheerful giving.

The blessing that you may give may come in the form of an unused door for someone else’s bathroom (as sound as it may sound, but one of my churchmate is actually giving doors to another churchmate’s bathroom, he’s a carpenter). A pair of shoes for that orphan that you have been longing to reach out to. Or Christmas decors for that orphanage beside your home.

However Jesus wants you to share His love, make sure that you actually do it. The best form of giving is to give to those who really need it–fast. God gave Himself for us, would it hurt to give some of yourself to others? If you are a Christian and believe that God owns everything, then put your foot where your mouth is. Just do it! Give what God also gave to you.

Happy Christmas!