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  • #QuoteOfTheDay “So it is not only confessing Jesus, but both confessing Jesus and doing the will of God, that will get us into heaven.” — John Bevere, #DrivenByEternity

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  • #QuoteOfTheDay “We’ve preached a gospel that speaks of free salvation, which is absolutely accurate, but we’ve neglected to tell candidates that it will cost them their freedom.” — John Bevere, Driven By Eternity

This book has the potentially to add meaning to your Christian life. Thanks @csmpublishing for the review copy!

Full review forthcoming at

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  • #QuoteOfTheDay “We are to continually cleave steadfastly in Him. Salvation is not just a one-time prayer and then life as usual, except that you are now in the “Christian” club and are heaven-bound.”
— @JohnBevere, #DrivenByEternity

Thanks @csmpublishing for the complimentary copy, this is REALLY an eye opening book. Full review to follow at

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  • #QuoteOfTheDay “Many would like extraordinary experiences to prove to themselves or others the validity of the Gospel. Yet Jesus shows us nothing is greater than the Word of God to produce the belief it takes to follow God completely to the end.”
— @JohnBevere, #DrivenByEternity

Thanks @csmpublishing for the complimentary copy. A really compelling book!
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