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  • #QuoteOfTheDay “The danger for most of us is not that we’ll become bad people who don’t care about things that matter. No the danger is that we’ll become good people who don’t do anything that matters!” — Tim Mannin

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  • #QuoteOfTheDay “We serve a different God…who calls us to a different life. He is the Great I Am and He has promised that He will be with you.

How do you need God to be the great I AM for you today?” — Tim Mannin

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  • #QuoteOfTheDay “This is the work of the Church—to be people who bring life and give away our love.” — Tim Mannin

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  • #QuoteOfTheDay “What do you need to let go of in order to pick up the cross?
After all, we are called to carry our cross every day.
And to carry the cross sometimes we have put something else down.” — Tim Mannin

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