ID-10079221Depression is a vicious enemy. It pounces on you when you least expect it. You may feel strong today and then a weakling tomorrow. It comes and it goes. Sometimes, it stays.

Hormonal imbalance, extreme and uncontrollable circumstance, tired or hungry, there are so many factors why we get depressed. Now I am in no way an expert on depression. But I do get depressed, just like many others—and I had to deal with it.

Depression is such a hot topic today due to the passing of a remarkable person named Robin Williams. They say it was depression that caused him to commit an act that many of us would deem an unforgivable sin.

Whatever your persuasion or faith, depression is tough. Its also addictive. Its a stranglehold. I also believe it is demonic influence. As a professing Christian, I do believe that the devil, we usually call him Satan, can influence us to the point that we are able to commit things that we cannot even imagine doing.

Depression sets on people from the lowliest to the highest profile person you know. It does not favor anyone. It can be said that it is normal to be depressed. Remaining depressed is the problem. Ugly things such as the one Mr. Williams committed does not happen overnight. It starts small. Then it grows bigger. And bigger. And bigger. Until such time it becomes uncontainable. It got built up with a strong foundation. 

As I said earlier, depression can be addictive. Why else do we keep getting depressed? Then our depression becomes harder to handle. But we return to depression just the same. Its the same as self-pity, anger, smoking, watching porn. Some of them may not lead you to commit suicide but just the same, they are all very destructive.

My only Christian-y response to handling depression is to treat it like what James 4:7 advises, “So humble yourselves before God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” These are such straightforward words from the Bible. I know you will say that its not as easy as it seems. I would agree with you. But we can also say  that “with God all things are possible,” including resisting the devil who most probably is influencing you to be depressed.

Yes, someone did something to hurt you and you got depressed. Resist the devil! Humble yourself and bring your hurt to God. He heals all kinds of hurt. 

My apologies if I had to go all Christian on you dear reader. That is who I am. I believe in what the Bible prescribes to us who believe in His name. You can believe that too—and overcome.