By Edwin Arceo

This is sooo true! In our maternal-centric country, the wife is usually in charge of the home. You go home right? When you go home, you want to rest but your wife is not all setup for that. As hubbies, we need to learn and be consistent in sacrificing so that we may have a happy life and to do that, we need to make our wife happy.


It has been said that women, our wives, have a larger “talk quota” around 15,000 words a day. While we hubbies have a smaller talk quota, around 9,000 words. Since we spend a lot of time in the office, talking with colleagues, friends, clients etc. Our wives have a smaller circle than ours. Consequently, when we get home, they still have a lot more to tell. To have a happy life means, we need to spend time listening to our wives when we get home.


In the course of our marriages, romance wanes. After the honeymoon, and settling down to a married life, certain things take over. Chores, office work, paying bills. Romance then takes a back seat which should not be the case. There should always be a place for romance. By the way, romance is free. You dont have to pay for anything at the least. Romance is letting her know that you thought about her. It’s about reassuring her that you are on top of her needs. This is the hubbies’ talking part. You take the lead. In listening, your wife takes the lead.

Romance is also body language, facial expression. There is a lot of touching involved, kissing, caressing. Romance is underrated now a days but those are the stuff that women want.


Our wives sexual drive gets higher as they mature (grow older). While we plateau. When our wives feel “horny,” we are not. That’s bad. They build up sexual tension. We need to be able to relieve that. If not, there is going to be payback in terms that we hubbies do not like. That is why we need to prepare for it. We need to make the time to be sexually intimate with our wife. They need to feel that we are not getting tired of or familiar with them. Yes, you get tired from all your work but that is not a reasonable justification to not give what our wives need.


I have recently realized that us hubbies, should be giving money to our wives. But you say, I already give her my salary. Yes, that may be true. You also say that she even gives you your “lunch money.” Well and good. But is that really giving. That is not giving, in my honest opinion. That is your responsibility. God spoke to me that if I can give money to other people to support them for a good cause, I should also be able to give to my wife. What I mean is that I should give my wife money, separate from the household budget, your lunch money, or from your bills. Its money that they can use wherever or whenever they want. If you seriously think about it guys, they truly deserve it.

This is not in any way an exhaustive article on how to make your wife happy. Maybe you can contribute in the comments below. Please share your experience on how you can make your wife happy.