Photo by Flckr user randallo licensed under Creative Commons

Photo by Flckr user randallo licensed under Creative Commons

By Chinkee Tan

What stops you right now from succeeding? Is it the fear or uncertainty on your strengths and capabilities? Are you the type of person who always questions yourself if you are good enough and deserving to be successful in life?

That is exactly what happened to me when I was still in grade school. I have the fear of speaking in front of people. I would always imagine people laughing at me when I might forget and say the wrong words. True enough, it happened. I would often freeze, sweat, and shiver every time I was called to recite.

When you believe in what you can do; it wouldn’t be hard to sell and market yourself, making it through the business world, regardless if you are looking for a job or working your way up the corporate ladder.

Marketing yourself does not only mean interaction and verbal communication, but also includes your appearance, attitude, and application of your knowledge and skills. In other words, how will you make them remember you. Generally speaking, you need to find a way to SET YOURSELF APART from the others.

So what are the ways to become effective?

Evaluate the things that you can do, ask yourself what are your values, passion, and strengths which you can be proud of.

The people whom we want to talk to will only turn their heads on us when we say the “right words at the right time”. Think of ways on how you will be able to get their attention the moment you meet them, let’s say by trying to mention how you can be of help in the company or why they will need you.

Establish a relationship to people so that you can encourage them to do business with you— that they want get to know you further because they saw something in you which could be beneficial to the company and to you.

Once you have gained their trust, most likely they will get your services and can result to a bigger opportunity.

You can’t do all these if from the very start you are not positive that you’re going to make it. TRUST yourself and BE CONFIDENT that you have what it takes to get hired, to get promoted, or be able to get the client you have been eyeing for. To keep you going, always think that you will be selling the most priceless product…YOU.

It’s not that you’re not going to get it; it’s just that THERE IS A RIGHT TIME FOR EVERYTHING. For as long as you are determined, nothing can make you stop from trying. Let failures along the way serve as your rock to make you strong. Consider those as challenges and not as a threat on you.


What do you posses that can help in selling yourself?

What are the things that will make you determine to reach your goal?

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