…here in this blog. You can find it at the right-hand side of the page below the four square boxes. This is just a spin-off of a gratitude journal that I talked about in a previous blog.

Everyday before I go to sleep, I will post the things I want to thank God for the things He allow me to experience the whole day.  I’m doing this because I want to honor God for the things He has done. Those things may be trivial or insignificant but still, they came from God and everything will have meaning, for me at least.

Everyday the devil will throw things at me that will discourage me and put me down. I will fight by giving thanks to the LORD always. For what the devil meant for evil, God will make it for good. In all things I will glorify His name and I intend to honor Him through this blog.

I would like to share all my thanksgiving to you, my readers, because God deserves to be given the highest praise. Putting those items in this blog will allow me to do just that. I hope you do too!