UPDATE: A popular comment on this post is the issue of the ink resetter, where to find it and how to use it. I was confounded because I have yet to use it. Since I use the Mac version of the printer, the utilities that came with the EPSON install disc included an ink resetter. I just found out that the Windows version does not have it. I do not know if it was intentional or not. I hope this helps!

I did not realise that Epson now has a CIS (Continuous Ink System) inkjet in their line-up until I saw one today at the Octagon Computer Store in SM Megamall. My wife wanted to have a printer that she can use to print materials for our son that we home school. Emy also wanted a printer so that our son would not have to go outside at night just to have a document printed. I understood.

I have had a bias for Epson printers as I started using them over 18 years ago right with their very first inkjet printer, the Stylus Color. It was a great printer but a costly one at that, well that was the first one to come out, so its normal. I then graduated to a A3+ sized printer, then to thermal wax, then to a color laser which we use today in our office.

Now back to the Epson L110. I was very interested with this model. Aside from it was only one of two models I would be choosing from. The rest were multifunction printers. I was particularly drawn to the price of the ink. The L110 uses four inks to create a full-color image. Since it was a big and continuous ink system, I knew that it would be a boon to printing. I also got hooked with price of a 70ml bottle of ink–P295! I thought that was a great price point! Epson even claims that you can print 4000 black pages from a single bottle. You’ll have to read the fine print on that. I would give it the benefit of the doubt though.

Arriving home, I proceeded to set up the printer. I really advise that you read the manual first before even taking out the unit from the box–which I did. It was not the usual hook it up to your computer and turning it on. Nope! You will have to fill the ink tanks first before you even turn it on or connect the supplied USB cord.

I will not bore you with the details but let me just say that EPSON did a good job of making sure that the process of filling the ink tanks won’t be messy. The four ink bottles were easy to open. You just have to snap off a portion of the tip and taking out a seal inside the bottle that prevented leaks.

Nice one! Except for the magenta seal being harder to pull (my thumb is still sore), everything proceeded smoothly, just be sure to follow the manual and don’t assume anything. I was surprised that the 70ml bottle filled the tank to this upper line showing its full. No more and no less.

After I finished filling the tanks. I turned the printer on and followed the procedure to initialise the printer. EPSON said that it may take 20 minutes r so to finish. Boy that was long. So I had dinner first while waiting for the printer to finish.

I then proceeded to install the printer driver on my Mac Mini running OSX Snow Leopard. Again, there was a cautionary note in the manual to not yet connect the USB cord until told do so. I wondered who will tell me. 😎

Installing the printer driver on the Mac was easier compared to my experience in the Windows platform, but EPSON was handholding me throughout the process. Suffice to say that I finished installing the driver and WAS told by the computer to connect the USB cord and turn the product on. But the printer was still on. So…I turned it off. And on again.

I printed an image my son downloaded from the internet to test out the quality. This printer was fast. In its default settings, I think it finished printing a letter sized image in  under 10 seconds. Not too bad and the image quality was surprisingly good! I must confess that it has been a long time since I’ve scrutinised an inkjet print. So forgive if I seem to be impressed by the printer.

Printing a greyscale image of the same size was faster. Probably under 7 seconds. So I was satisfied with my purchase.

I will try to print a high resolution photo in the coming days so I can really squeeze it for what it is worth. I am not keeping my hopes up though. This is a four ink printer, not the 12-ink behemoths that churn our archival fine art prints. This is just a home/office printer of course.

Overall I am satisfied with the EPSON L110. Did I mention that the printer costs 5,795 pesos? Now if it can only cook fries….