By Jim Reyes

Karamihan sa ‘ting mga Pilipino tuwang-tuwa kapag nababasa ang salitang “SALE.” Para kasing may magnet ang salitang ito sa ating mga mata, ano po? And we would not stop thinking about it until we are actually two feet away from a signboard, staring at the merchandise and ready to buy.

Alam ba n’yo kung bakit karaniwan eh pula ang kulay ng mga “SALE” signboards. For me, red is a sign of danger or of an emergency. So when I see a red “SALE” sign, I stay away. Lalo na sa gadgets on sale (!), nakuuu… I let my wife hold my wallet until we’re out of the mall.

One of the main reasons why a family experiences financial stress is consumer credit. Hindi natin bibilhin ang isang P25,000 flat screen TV set kung cash, pero kung credit card, hmmm. Ingat po, kasi when the credit card bill arrives at the end of the month, yun na!

Heto ang ilang mga tips na mismong ginagawa ko rin kapag napapaligiran ako ng “SALE” signs. Medyo nakakatawa ang ilan ha, pero epektib:

1. Drink a Lot. Before going into a mall, lalo na pag SALE period, I drink a lot of water, as in A LOT. Why? So my body will force me every ten minutes to go to the comfort room. My body forces me to stay away! Water is healthy, so don’t worry, drink up!

2. Walk a Lot. Before I go into a store where I’m sure I’d be weak and end up purchasing stuff, I walk 30 minutes first. I exercise my body by walking around. When I need to rest, ‘yan, I go into the store, and you know how quickly one would lose interest in anything when one is tired.

3. Eat Champoy. Or carry and eat something you don’t usually have. When I see something on sale that’s really enticing to buy, I eat champoy and my brain is distracted by the yummy flavor. The desire to savor the flavor outweighs the desire to purchase.

4. Read a Book. Go into a coffee shop, order a cup, and stay there to read a book. Relaxing pa!
One last tip—Remember this when you see a sale sign:

S – Stay
A – Away
L – Look
E – Elsewhere