Such powerful words! These words are found in Luke 7:48. These words give life and freedom.

Jesus spoke these words to a “sinful” woman. It was even made crystal clear by the Pharisee who invited Jesus into his house for dinner. This woman who was able to enter the Pharisee’s house with Jesus, knelt at his feet and as her tears fell on Jesus’s feet wiped them with her hair.

She effectively washed Jesus’s feet with her tears! This must be the feeling when you sincerely recognize that you are a sinner and only Jesus can take them away. When you are in the presence of God you can only mourn your sins and ask God for deliverance.

Not only did the woman washed Jesus’s feet, she also put perfume while continually kissing his feet. What humility! You can only do this if you know deep in your heart that only Jesus can take away your awful burden.

“Your sins are forgiven.”

This woman’s sins were many, probably shocking and nasty, and when she experienced the grace of God, she can only come with complete reverence and humility. She did what was described in this passage because those were the only way she can show her love for Jesus. The woman gave him her most precious possession and she did not regret but even cherished it–she was ministering to her Savior, the God who took away her sins.

Have you experienced God’s love today? You don’t have do what this woman did. You can praise Him and let others know of the forgiveness you experienced.